Creativity & Pragmatism

I am listening to a podcast in bits and pieces as I find time.  Eleanor Wachtel of the CBC interviews Sir Nicholas Hytner last year at TIFF.  I always find insights into the creative minds of anyone in any art form. Beyond this general interest, Nicholas Hytner offered one little nugget that gave me a pragmatic turn.  He said that in directing plays or movies, often your original creative vision is altered by the practicalities of presentation. He went on to say that this is where creativity lies as much as in the initial conception.

I am at present (and finally!) transposing my experimental prose/poem (neonovel?) The Man who fell from the Sky into iBooks Author from Apple’s Pages word processor. Pages allowed me to easily insert all kinds of media and all kinds of text as I wrote. This changes somewhat in iBooks Author – some doors are closed, but many more are opened depending on  the fashion this writing/publishing tool is designed to handle media.


Practicalities. Creativity. A meeting of necessity and vision.

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