Edward Smith – Writer

I paint with words…..

The excruciating, pain filled joy of crafting words and feelings as they tumble out of me…

I have been writing, mostly poetry, on and off for many years –  for my own pleasure, but now in a public fashion.  This site will give links to my poetry including one long prose/poem tale The Man who fell from the Sky, that is part poetry, part novel, part day dream as well as other works from my day job of teaching history. 

My brain is a dusty old attic with boxes on shelves in no particular order. Sometimes a box teeters and falls and the box spills open and poems, stories, observations fall scattered about on the floor. I may pick up one that attracts my gaze and bring it out for others to see.

he danced on the dusty floor sending clouds of dust higher and more laughing and sneezing all at one as he was draped in a fine powder of poems and things

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Ted head shot 2

Persentio, ergo sum

I came across this Neil Gaiman quote on the Alliance of Independent Authors Facebook page – and I found it as just the right moment! And…. this description of me on Facebook (well me, sans Scotch)

The Mind of a Writer

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