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silent sigh

silent sigh



he touched her neck, just behind and below her ear. Her left ear to be precise. He kissed, his lips light at first. Then the tip of his tongue…. just the tip…. tasted, tasted such sensual joy… and he lost control…. just a bit, just a bit and opened his mouth and kissed and used his tongue, greedy now for her

unfinished …. ice…. not melted

a deep freeze encased in ice he stood shimmering in the night

she smiled at iceman and he awoke to poke a hole and break the ice

his furnace grew hotter as she threw more coals into the hopper/he breathed heat and fire in the throws of desire/

rumpled pillow (continues)

He walked up the stairs and at the top turned right into the bedroom. He sat in the old desk chair in front of the low dresser. He opened the laptop and started to type these words. He glanced up for a moment and saw his own eyes, just over the top of the laptop screen, in the mirror. He looked quizzically at himself, raised his eyebrows slightly, then went back to work.

I guess you are out of bed now. The rumpled pillow lies careless, unthinking, resting sideways not touching sheets and blankets askew. I can see you, sleepy still, looking in the mirror and grimacing a bit, then rubbing sleep from your eyes. You pad over to the bathroom, filling it with steam carefully attending and making your beauty come alive.

Dressed now, you feel a short wave of irritation, no source, just passing over then gone. You smile, then head downstairs, breathing.


He stopped for a moment, out of breath. Where to go from here? Music. He needed music. He plugged his ears in and put an old, bad recording copied years ago on a cassette tape. It hissed and scratched. He poured himself a short Scotch.

I could see her again, in the kitchen. She chewed on her lower lip for a few moments, looking blankly in the fridge. Then she pulled a vanilla drink…. balanced nutrition…. you won’t feel hungry all day… and downed it, face expressionless.