An Apple a Day

Victorian death card

The image here is a Victorian death card.  The painting shows the deceased’s body and the sorrowing survivor, but if you look closely you can see the dead boy happy in heaven in the upper left of the card. Death is the ever present reality for us all, but in the meantime humans have always looked for means to prolong life. This book takes a look at healing as tradition, art and science in Canada from the First Nations to the present day.

A  new edition is now ready, using the Creative Commons licensed treasure trove of historical medical images from the Wellcome Trust! The second edition is available in the iBook Store as only here can multimedia be viewed as intended.

In the Lulu marketplace:

In the Kindle Store:

It can be found as an Amazon kindle edition for $2.99 [$3.13 in Canada], or as a special order printed volume from for $30


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