i walked about

my scraggly little garden

when the morning breeze refreshed

i said hello

to my tiny yellow roses while

i chided my Lilac bush

that had no flowers again

i touched lightly

my tomatoes growing strong


i said hello to the wildflowers

that belonged to no one

but whose beauty I smiled at

each morning

on my tranquil walk

i asked my blueberry bushes why they had no fruit

but they are so green and healthy

who am I to complain?

so i smiled and

ventured back to wild places

and said hello to my trees

and sighed that the birds had

once again eaten

all the berries

from my Saskatoon bush

O please

i draw my breath from growing things

and use their thrusting life

to stimulate my soul

so the day ahead is green and

onward I go until  night



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