why i write

Quite a pretentious title I think. As though it matters why ‘I’ write. The only thing that matters is I ‘do’ write. But….. I am occasionally pretentious and this is one such occasion.

A Facebook friend posted this Tedx Swarthmore talk by a young poet.

Mary Jane Chen

I am also currently reading an interview of Elias Khoury, a Palestinian novelist (actually a Lebanese Christian, but he ‘identifies with’ the Palestinian Muslims).

Both Chen and Khoury write from activist bases. Both write to promote political points of view: Chen in a more amorphous, ‘making the world a better place’ angle, while Khoury in a more traditional hard political/warfare way.

Here I will plagiarize parts of a post I just put on my Facebook Experimental Writing page, where I noted that I do not write from political motives:

I write when I am struck by beauty or darkness or mystery. I try to express these such that others too feel. Sometimes I write so others might feel textures and have that physicality enter their souls, crossing our age of science boundaries that separate the physical from inner reality. I deny a mental universe of categories and taste a universe that is whole. Perhaps I am an activist when I write.

Experimental Writing



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