the dancer

he did dance at her command

light flashed on his body


he leaped and shouted

legs flailing and arms waving

parts flying

firelight flickering

she smiled to see

her man


3 thoughts on “the dancer

  1. Fairly inconsequential question, but with a slight thought on the pure aural aspect of the poem I suppose.

    In your head do you pronounce (for purposes of this poem only) “leaped” with a long “e” or short “e” (ie, as in “leapt”) sound in the “ea” portion?

    I’m thinking the long “e” makes the most “visual/aural connection” to go along with the other broad “long” vowel sounds (except for the short “a” in “flashed” which has the “wildness” of the other long vowels, I think) in the descriptive words of the dance.

    1. In this case, a long ‘e’ . I’m in the habit of editing my poems by reciting them out loud. I didn’t do that in the past but realized a year or so ago that awkward cadences reveal problems

    2. I experimented with a poetry eBook where I added me reading each poem along with the print. It worked ok, but I am looking around for a decent microphone that I can both afford and which blocks out surrounding noise (the cat mainly) as I think in future I will provide both sound and text.

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