A Confusion of Dreams

Titles are interesting. I used to have book titles pop into my head quite frequently. I didn’t have a story or characters to go with the title. But they appeared anyway. Today it happened again after a long gap. A Confusion of Dreams. Actually I was answering a question about my night’s sleep. I could only recall a series of dreams all broken and shattered in my mind and lying in a heap on the floor of my mind. A confusion. Crows come in a murder…. dogs in a pack…. cattle in a herd…. dreams in a confusion. 

I leaped silently through the night/my body flexing and flying to the stars/sex i had (almost) as i woke before i could be had/back into my pillow i dove/now walking down a road alone/the pavement rose to meet my feet/cool winds blew then turned to heat/

You get the idea.


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