The Man who fell from the Sky

And another bit of the word painting:

Bjorn looked straight ahead, preferring not to notice SuperTeddy’s usual landing, but wondering why that bear always looked surprised though he always landed on his ass.

Bjorn spoke out of the side of his mouth, forming the words carefully, “What do you think of Simon and Liliana, SuperTeddy?”

“Well,” SuperTeddy grunted this out, breathless still.

“Well, I climbed to the top of the Torch Building exactly so I could fly here to save Simon.” His breath back, SuperTeddy managed a complete sentence.

‘I see,” said Bjorn…. “I see….I felt the same danger, so I came in my longboat.”

“Do you sense the same danger?  I see Liliana as unsuitable for our author.”  Bjorn said this with a ‘Norseman preparing his shield and sword for battle’ voice, although both shield and sword were long gone.

SuperTeddy replied, “Exactly.  She will give  him pleasure in his loneliness for a while, but I don’t know what will happen to him when she cuts him down.  He won’t see it coming.  He won’t see it.”

And Bjorn with Scandinavian directness added, “And then what happens to us?  What happens if our author sinks back into the pit?”

SuperTeddy looked morose and worried, “What, indeed?”


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