Plain Words: 34

i turn my eye to the lighted window now.  Behind it i see a man.  He walks almost out of my sight but not quite.  He stretches a bit to reach a glass mug from a cupboard, then takes that to the fridge and fills it full with ice, then cold water.  The water rushes around and over the ice cubes in a joyful greeting. He pads his way out of my sight to the left.  I hear his voice, unusually gentle for a man, coming from a door off the deck behind a woman taking moonlight photos – she turns at the sound of his voice, pleasure obvious in her reaction.  A minute later, he returns to the kitchen and opens cans.  He bends down speaking towards the floor, calling.  Cats i think, he must be chatting with cats.  He disappears again and a minute later i see his  body relaxed and tired, but happy, carrying food in dishes and followed by two cats in a two-cat row.  i can see he is speaking in gentle tones and sends waves of gratification to the cats, who follow their own ordered universe to find the food he places for them on the floor.  He heads back up stairs and out of my sight.


A minute later his shape can be seen passing by the door of the room behind her.  She stops and turns now from the moonlight, and opens that door – for a minute i can see them both as they look to each other in practiced but fresh as new, love. The door shuts but is always open.

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