Another excerpt

I am reading through what i think was my latest draft… and rather liked this page


“Simon sat very still then, staring into the fire in his heart, red and yellow flames warming and burning him slowly. Memories. Love that came; love that left. His mind was a dusty old shelf with storage boxes, some so full that their lids could not close, others almost empty, some perched precariously on the edge, others shoved back against the wall of his skull. All were covered in dust. He sneezed and clouds of particles filled the space. He reached in and a box might fall, spilling its contents about. He sneezed. He bent over and looked, seeing some things he had forgotten entirely, and others he could not forget. Some were bright and sparkled even through the murk, others remained unknown and hidden despite lying strewn about.
He had been writing when an overfull box had tumbled to the floor sending up an enormous choking cloud of memories. Carefully, he rooted through the pile’s centre, ignoring for the moment the bits and pieces scattered about in a crazed circle. He picked up a greeny, browny memory, and blew the remnants of dust off it, coughing slightly, then remembering……

Excerpt From: “Sky Man Nov 21, 2016.” iBooks.


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