He was languid

She came into the room, yawning then stopped mouth still open slightly as she saw him. Yawn transfigured into smile. She saw her camera staying silent hoping he would not notice.  He was stretched, unconcerned and naked on a soft chair turned part way to the picture window. His legs were out full raised slightly feet resting on the arm of the big, leather rocker. He was staring up at the ceiling, eyes half closed keeping a half dream captured. His long toes were moving turning in a dance directed by his legs. He stretched , arching his back while his small uncircumcised penis grew larger, confident and experienced knowing how to react to half  . dreams, helped by his testicles lying above his thighs. His stomach was old and round now a gentle hill leading to his nipples erect in the cool room air. His arms lay loose on the chair arms arm on arm. His throat exposed was young still supporting a silvering short beard in a face faded away from youth topped with black hair showing streaks of silver and grey. He was languid.


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