Erica Ehrenberg is Dangerous

I was given a subscription to the Paris Review this year (or maybe last – I can’t recall if it was for Christmas 2015 or my birthday in January….when you get old years zip by and leave you trying hard to remember what year it is, let alone the month or day of the week. Everything is rushing to an unknown conclusion).

I dip into the two issues I have now, mostly the digital versions on my iPhone as I can pick that up and put it down (virtually anyway) when ever. I just read a short bit of prose poetry by Erica Ehrenberg. Because I had no idea who she was, I read it…

I could taste and feel every word image there.

I then googled her (I misspelled her name, but Google  that ever-helpful cyber thing corrected me) – no Wikipedia article sadly, but a very short bio in the Harvard Review – then I clicked on the poem published there.


She writes as I wish I could. When I began writing poetry again about seven years ago, I knew I could not read any other poetry as I have this terrible flaw that causes me to write in the same style as the person whose words I just read……as I wrote more and more I became more confident and allowed myself to read snippets of Cohen and of Catullus. But her work is too close to mine….. and I am addicted after only two…… they say that’s all it takes with dangerous drugs!


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