A friend wrote this to me:  “Sometimes I think that dreams are the most honest of poems…..”

My friend, as  you can see from this quote, has a deep wisdom. Wisdom is not, of course, the same thing as knowledge. In our world today, and perhaps in every world of any day, wisdom is in short supply and when found, ignored. We are inundated with knowledge; we know all sorts of things about all sort of things. Without wisdom this knowledge is not only useless, it is often dangerous

But that’s a topic for another day and a different blog.

Poems, to turn my friends pithy bit of wisdom, are attempts to capture the dream state. Dreams as we all know, tend to vanish upon awakening, though strong dreams will last and disturb our waking day. Most of my poems, I fear,  evaporate like a dream. My best, I hope, last and disturb the waking day.


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