Editing, Writing, Blog to Book

I am having fun doing an edit of The Man who fell from the Sky, reading for sense and mostly for flow. I say ‘flow’ more than ‘sense’ because this long prose/poem is not a traditionally linear work, but text, pictures, and so on more akin to abstract art than literature. But even in this crazed space there is some need for a type of order, just not the ordered universe we try to impose on chaos. Call it ordered chaos.

At the same time, I have revived a neglected blog I do on online instruction. My day job (or,  day and night job) is teaching online history courses at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. I watched a presentation at the Indie Author Fringe festival held in conjunction with the London Book Fair in April by Nina Amir called Leverage Your Content: How to Blog a Book or Book a BlogThis set a fire in me to turn two of my blogs into books. I already have nearly book length material for each and will write until the end of the year. Next January, I will take that material and following Nina Amir’s advice, turn both into books – print and eBook probably. One is The Instructor’s Voice and the other is a history of religion blog I run on Blogger (sorry WordPress!), and which I link to my history of religion online courses:  A History of Religion Blog.

I am enthusiastic about these two projects because my personal circumstances are such that it is often difficult to find long blocks of time for writing. But I can find a half hour to do a 3-400 word blog post three or so times a week, for each. By this means, I can write two books at the same time and finish the first draft in a few months.

My fourth project is related to The Man who fell from the Sky. In that prose/poem I have a link to a very short erotic novelette. I realized I had some other material related to this. I will join the two together and move The Bench by the River from the erotic category to Romance. At present it is only about 40 pages and around 20 – 30 thousand words. This should make a good Romance novel and I should be able to have it ready for the Fall book buying season.

Ambitious I know, but as the saying goes, I am not getting any younger and feel a sense of urgency to get things done sooner rather than later. By breaking the work down into blog components, rewriting the short novel with large sections already finished, and my experimental work being in the final edit stage now –  means I should reasonably be able to produce these four projects.


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