Editing The Man who fell from the Sky

I am editing The Man who fell from the Sky now. Successful indie authors and their organization, The Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli) constantly tell writers to hire a professional editor and a professional book cover designer. This is very good advice.


What if you simply cannot afford the thousands for an editor and the hundreds for a book cover designer?

Well, in the case of my long prose poem I am not sure what an editor would do for me as this is not your everyday novel or even non fiction work with pictures. Editing by a pro would be equivalent to a painter asking someone else to come in and change aspects of the painting.

I edit by constant re-reading firstly. Secondly I set up a Scrivener file which lets me see the text in the form of images of  index cards on a virtual cork board with enough of the text on each card to make sense to me. Then I can re-arrange or alter sections so this new type of writing works as I feel best. This reminds me of Gerhard Richter in the documentary about him painting, where he stands back and looks and reacts and then alters or adds to a work.

Am I writing a book? Hmmm. Maybe I am painting a book, or perhaps writing a painting.


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