UnPoem for today

I have a subscription to The Paris Review.

While tidying up the kitchen this evening with the dishwasher running , I read a bit from it on my iPhone.  I keep the dishwasher company because a few years back some wires underneath caught fire & I had to shove it out the back door. The only damage is a small burn mark on a floor tile and the glass lid of the dog biscuit jar I used to keep on top smashed on the back steps. But still, I keep it company (the dishwasher, not the biscuit jar), fire extinguisher nearby.

Anyway, I came across this quote placed randomly (well the placing seemed random but one never knows what these New York Parisian Reviewers might do next).

Notes for Low Life. “I oten think of what I do as wide poems. I write prose with a poet’s head.” 

“Hmmmm”,  I thought…. “So my prose poems are not original.  As a genre, I mean.”

I shrugged. So be it. For I too write prose with a poet’s head AND I ended triumphantly, I also write poetry with a prosy style. I admit that could mean I am merely a poor writer.  But as I decided long ago, I have no choice in the matter as I cannot control this prosy poetry or the poety prose.

The dishwasher hasn’t burst into flames.  Yet.


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