How to Write a Poem (Picture)

I should be a bit more honest and say rather, how do I write picture poems?

I surf through my photographs and those sent me by a photographer friend and one or two will catch my eye. I grab one and drop it onto a blank Pages doc (landscape or portrait: i just choose without allowing myself time to think).

Then a word or two or three will come as I look at the pic…. then another line, then another until I have enough.

Then I might say it over and over under my breath (I like to work alone and I am afraid if I spoke too loudly I would get others asking me what I am doing – if that happened, I would scrap the poem, it would be dead, murdered).

After doing this, i might revise a word here or there, or more commonly change the line breaks for rhythm.

I might then change the font, colour, move it around with the pic until it looks right.

Then name it save it send it file it.


A second type begins with the words – a line usually pops into my head and i must grab my iPhone and open the Pages app and write it down, or I might rush into my home office and write down there.

This stage is vital for poems that have a word genesis – if I don’t get those first words down, and very quickly, they are gone, forever.

Then, when I have time I expand the line into a full poem as above… if I feel the urge I find a pic to go with it, by scrolling through my collection of several hundred.

(N.B. I use only my pics or those that I have permission – I hate copyright laws and with the coming TPP they will favour ever more large corporations and clamp down on creativity and innovation. I use Creative Commons only)


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