Looking at Clouds

I took an unintended break today. I wanted to stop working for a few minutes as I had been at it since 8:30 this morning and it was approaching 3 in the afternoon.  I had forgotten to get one item at the store earlier so used that time to attach a bit of an extra walk onto the errand. I returned the long way round and sat by the edge of the mountain on a park bench.  I looked at Facebook for a moment, then stopped and breathed and looked up. White clouds in a summer blue sky were what I saw. I tried to remember the names of cloud types from elementary school, but other than reading, writing and basic arithmetic (and only barely this last), I learned nothing from that period in my life.  The clouds were moving slowly. I hadn’t myself moved slowly all day or for that matter, not for many days even weeks. Maybe years. Tension drained from me and I remembered a childhood where watching clouds on a hot day was more important than anything else. I wrote this on my phone, and then to the sound of a ship’s horn in the harbour below, I got up and returned to adult life.


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