As The Man who fell from the Sky approaches its first incarnation I am looking more and more to marketing. I attended a free webinar about Twitter the other day – I missed parts of it but have the free downloaded copy to go over.  Mostly the webinar was about how to get 400 new followers a day so you can reach some magic number in the tens of thousands. Hmmmm. I believe that I must try every venue to get a following – and I understand that putting up ‘Buy my Book’ posts anywhere is a fast way to turn people off – unless it is a site designed for readers to find writers, such as Goodreads. I am moderately active on Twitter and have about 1 thousand followers. I wondered at how this fellow managed to spend only 15 minutes a day tweeting as he claimed.  It turned out he uses automated tweet generators.  Somehow this does not seem the way to go as it would give a false impression of me and turn away potential customers for my scribblings.

Ok, Ted, lets think this out here…..


Facebook: Experimental Writing


blogs (wordpress, blogger, tumblr)

Linkedin (for histories)

metadata (this I MUST master)

MySpace?  I have an account … might be worth playing with for my multimedia…..

I think I need to blog fairly regularly – not on a schedule as that would give a false impression of me and therefore of my writing. I need my public face to match at least part of my real self as my real self appears openly in anything and everything I write

My mind fires off in all directions; it is a free verse mind – so my posts should reflect that reality and anyone who is attracted to that sort of writing will take a look at my work on Smashwords or especially the iBookstore (only iBooks Author allows for full multimedia publishing – and now available on the iPhone too!  As of yesterday!  I tried it with my first multimedia book)


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