Most of my thoughts here are likely going to be trite, following a well-worn path.  I have not done an Historian’s due diligence, which is very bad of me, having been trained as an academic.  That is, I have not read as much as I could find or stomach already written by others better qualified.  I will, of course, think anyway, this being my blog!

For a male, beauty most often inheres in women.  Men, of course, love beautiful buildings, paintings, sculpture, scenery and so on.. but the purest form is found in women.  This most probably has a sexual core, but is not as pornographers and ironically those who attack pornography, wholly or even mostly, sexual. What I am trying to express here [and doing badly] is another theme in my intellectual life:  dismay at the control scientific classification maintains over our imaginations to the detriment of a holistic view of life.  The male sense of the pure beauty that is connatural to femaleness is a part of an organic whole.  
This sense, and I must emphasize the word sense in order to make a clear distinction with any logic or rational apprehension, takes a wide continuum of forms.  This includes abusive pornography and swings far off to Victorian florid poetry.  Neither of these extremes bear much resemblance to the reality of the human female, but they do have that essential core of beauty.
Well enough of setting terms… what is beauty?  More particularly, what is this beauty men find in women?  Only a poem will do….for now,
Her eyes flashed
seeing him
her smile warmed
and touched his skin
she moved, yawning
and stretched
singing a silent tune
that held his soul
deep within

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