Gerhard Richter Painting

I started to watch a German movie called Gerhard Richter Painting on Netflix today… I am only six minutes into it, but a statement by Richter made me see the unity at some level of all the arts.  He said, “they do what they want”  in response to a comment by the film maker that the paintings he was working on at that point had changed.  Richter then added, “I planned something totally different”, then a succinct comment replete with levels of meaning “pretty colorful’…… sounding as though he was observing something he had little to do with, or that perhaps had its own life.

Over the years, I have heard novelists say that the characters in their books take on a life and do things that surprise the novelist, or that the writer had not planned or expected.  I am finding this in my slowly growing eBook fiction – for example, the other day another character showed up and caught Simon’s attention.. his full attention…..unplanned, unexpected but wonderful… in the proper sense of the at word…. ‘filled with wonder’

Gerhard Richter Painting – official film site

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