In a few minutes I will walk my two big goofs – a chocolate lab named Henry and his son, a black named Roscoe.  While walking them I will not be able to prevent my mind from spinning stories.  All my life – well, that part of it I can recall! – my mind has spun off stories.  They rattle around in my head, one after the other, the vast majority discarded.  There is no way I could type fast enough to develop them all.  They come when walking the dogs.  They come when waking up.  They come when falling asleep.  They come while shopping for groceries.  They come while driving the car.  They come while talking with others.  I used to engage in vain attempts to quell them – seeing this as a waste of time better spent…. working in an accounting office, or making love, or being sad, or angry, or happy … or doing something.

Last night I was reminded of this by a friend when I said that I was trying not to do this – as though I had a choice in the matter!  She reminded me it is what I do.. who I am.

So….. stories…. lets go!


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