What is an eBook?

I don’t think eBooks have been defined yet. It is still the wild west in this new form of writing, comparable to the first years of print technology. I would argue that an eBook is any work presented online for someone to read. To be even more open about my position on this, I hope that eBooks are never defined closely – I would hate to see a return to the days where a single group – publishers – function as gatekeepers, deciding whose work is available to readers and whose is not. As it stands now, writers and readers have seized the day from publishers. I can put something on Scribd, a blog, Academia.edu, a website, amazon, the iBookstore, kindle, kobo, the nook, even an app… I’ve probably forgotten something ….

In some you will be paid, in others not – sometimes you offer a work free on one format, and this generates sales in another…


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