Ethnographic Notebook

Ethnographic Field Notes [grandchildren]:

Grand-daughter: immersed in A: Bruno Mars videos. B: curious device? construct? – appears to be paper bound in sheets with ink markings on each page – I believe it is a ancient form of reading known as a ‘book’

Grand-son: stumbles about house battling Angry Birds on iPod touch, surfaces occasionally to ask for cake [for breakfast]

Sub note: The ‘ink markings’ in the ‘book’ are writing! Apparently with these artifacts the orientation must be on a particular and individual plane! One cannot simply ‘open’ the leafs of paper and read…. the entire device must be in one orientation! Curious! I wonder at that – was this a result of a lack of technological sophistication? Or was it a part of a religion-cultural mentality?
religio-cultural – note to autocorrect bureau: please input social science jargon! Which makes me wonder too how producers of these ‘book’ devices corrected text? Was it an automated process? Some think this was done by people! [Jones & Martin, 2311]. They did some archival research and found cryptic references to ‘editors’ and ‘copy editors’ – and some sense that these were not software, but actual persons. Maybe. I would have to see more evidence before deciding.

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