another non-linear writer

Another non-linear writer! On one of my linkedin groups – Digital Bookworld – I have met another writer attempting to write in a non-linear fashion!  She posted last July in response to reading my Square and Round blog posting that she has an idea to write ‘moments’ rather than ‘events’.

Exactly!  I used the ugly word ‘snippets’ for how I write, but perhaps I will steal her word ‘moments’ – As what exists at present are hundreds of these little moments I have written [well, one is nearly 10,000 words long, but most are maybe 2-300 words each] – circling in a gravitational field generated by each but pulling each towards a centre of this swirling circle of thought, images, sounds, poetry – rather than following one another in a line with beginning and end.  I was wondering the other day how and where it would end, but realise now that is the wrong question – as it has no beginning nor end but is a three dimensional sphere forming and reforming constantly, but connected at many points – it is.
After writing this some months ago, I made a further change – that my New Writing would join and meld my poetry and prose…. and I have just changed the working title!!!: The Man who del from the Sky Dreaming


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