a blog by a madman who thinks he can write

I intend to use this space for random thoughts about writing multimedia, non-linear works – I hesitate to say ‘book’ as all my writing from this point will be in the eBook format and multimedia. I have photos and videos… and have been playing with Garage band on my iPad to see if I can figure out how to integrate music – or at least appropriate noises – into my writing. At this moment in time I have four projects on the go…. a multimedia experimental fiction work….. a few poems…..an academic study of religion and society….. and a World Religions text book…. I hope to become skilled using iBooks author as it promises to remove technical barriers to multimedia projects which are primarily text…. For the next little while I will post some thoughts on New Writing that I wrote over the past three years…. elsewhere in a part of cyberspace now vanished… So here goes!

3 thoughts on “a blog by a madman who thinks he can write

  1. I just looked at your blog – and followed it – don't worry what others think! Just write. Some will hate your work, some will ignore it, some will love it…. just write.

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