Final post for this Term

Ok!  the final exam is submitted and what will be, will be now….. Che sera sera in the words of the 1956 song by Doris Day….   and here I will break my own rule and give you the wikipedia reference!

Que sera sera

I hope that 20 years from now some of you..  and possibly each of you will have gained some understanding of religion from this term’s work.

I haven’t managed to post much on the blog.. it was an idea I had late in the term.  But I will continue posting here as I am intending to improve and re-work much of the coursework for Hist2070DE. Future students will have the dubious delight of seeing me in videos …..  Anyone who wishes to stay here .. or to join the facebook group  History of Religion at the U of Guelph
may do so freely.  I am in the early stages writing a book on the relationship between religion and society – though restricted to the Atlantic world — and will also post comments on that project as I proceed.

Good luck for the future….



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